About Us

Quint & Stacy - Owners


Quint and I met in high school youth group  back in 2003. We started dating at 16 and 17 and have been best friends ever since!  We have been married for 13 years and are blessed to have 4 ornery boys age 10,7,3 and 18 months! It has always  been our dream to own a business together and to show our boys that hard work and dedication is so important to achieve your dreams.  We hope Stumpy's Smoked Cheese is more than a business, but an avenue to connect with our community and spread the joy that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The boys - Our motivation


    Easton is our 10 year old son. He has a heart bigger than anyone I know and cares about those who are hurting . He has a passion for animals and would like to be a zoo keeper when he grows up! If you need a helping hand or a smile to brighten your day, this is your guy!

Creighton is 7 years old! He is in 2nd grade and is a huge fan of Mario and Luigi! He can make you laugh with his contagious giggle or with his witty commentary. His dance moves beat out anyone in our family! You will recognize this kid by his sweet freckles and big toothless grin!

Kipton or "Kippy" as we call him, loves all things football! KC Wolf is his bestie and he keeps up with his big brothers with the best of them! He is so helpful and loves to snuggle his mama and daddy but will most likely be hiding behind us if you see him as he is our shy one!

Daxon is 18 months old and has the most contagious smile with the cutest dimple! Dax is the best taste tester we have...he will eat cheese all.day.long. You might notice Dax has a scar on his head from having a brain tumor removed this year. He is doing great and has quite the testimony in just his first year of life!

Kenny & Lynn - Team members


Lynn and Kenny aren't ONLY team members, they are also sister and brother to us and Aunt and Uncle to our boys. They're both incredibly smart and have hearts that will help anyone in need.  They've accomplished so much together and even lived in Ireland working odd jobs to be able to stay there. Their ambition and determination is to be admired!  We are thrilled to have them on our team!